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Thanks to the many different helpers who have brought hope to our Ahr valley, I sprayed these wings on our house to be able to give something back. More here: FlutKunst. I'm really happy to see how many actually take photos in front of it. Since I think that the wings only really have an effect when someone is standing in front of them, I painted 2 cartoon figures to go with them. Even if our house is demolished, the sticker serves as a reminder. You can stick it on your sketchbook, laptop or iPad.

Helfer ♂ Flügel - Sticker

SKU: 19

    • Proceeds go to our FlutKunstHaus - to preserve art during demolition.

    • Homemade and handmade

    • High image quality

    • Splashproof
    • High gloss vinyl

    • ♂: 11,5cm x 7,8cm

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