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An artprint which makes you remember in difficult moments to always look at hope and build on it. 🌸 This art print is what special... The original I painted in oil paints on wood in the summer of 2020. At that time I painted it without knowing that I painted it rather for the present time. Because in July 2021 I experienced a flood disaster in my home country. (More on this: Floodart) I lost the original in it. But since I wanted to start this store actually before the flood, I have thus fortunately the painting still as a digital version.

HOPE hand - Artprint

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    • Painted with love and passion with oil and now reproduced as an art print for you and your wall

    • High resolution - details of the painting are beautifully visible

    • On 300 gsm thick matte paper

    • Size: slightly smaller than A4 (282x199mm)