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Rifka rah Logo Design 2018 / Artwork

Heimanszeit is a company that supports people in need of care in their everyday life, making it easier for them. "Heimanszeit" gives many people the opportunity to stay at home for a longer period of time instead of having to go to the home immediately.  "Heimanszeit".

I designed this logo for the hobby photographer Phillip Eilers. You can admire his works on his homepage and send him a shooting request.

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Rifka rah Logo Design 2017 Photography / Artwork
Rifka rah Logo Design 2018 Bodenschätze / Artwork

I designed this logo for my final thesis, my apprenticeship as "Media Designer Digital and Print". The example company was a farm that offers vegetables. The task was to design a new name and a new logo.

Rifka rah

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